What’s This About?

What’s this all about?

For ages I’ve wanted to document a few thoughts about cycling, I’ve ridden in some way shape or form since the age of 11, remembering the good old days when Mountain Biking was a brand new sport and we crashed and bashed our way around the local trials without a care in the world.

My first ever Tour De France that I watched religiously was the 89 edition, still the greatest ever tour. Lemond and Fingon battling it out day after day. Incredible, and for me (I hope) done on grit, and determination not chemical fuelled enhancements.

It’s 2013 and I’ve decided that a couple of years off my 40th birthday I need to get back on the bike, and properly. Fitness for one thing but enjoyment for another. hopefully this blog will (and I will make time to) record that journey and where it takes me.

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For me at the moment Scott make some of the best bikes out there. For me the quality and attention to detail of their designs are second to none for a mainstream manufacturer. I ride a heavily customised CR1 as I love the geometry which isn’t out and out race, but also comfortable on long rides. *UPDATE* The CR1 has now been upgraded to a Foil Team Issue customer build with Di2, a truly epic bike, you can read about the build and a short review that I have posted on the site. Offroad I am riding the 2014 Scott Scale 920 29r  My first 29 inch wheeled bike and by far the best MTB I’ve ever ridden, so responsive and solid. and the 29r wheels make a huge difference in terms of handling terrain. For this years Cyclocross season I’ll be riding an Addict CX with Ultegra and Dura Ace c35 wheels.



What can I say about Oakley that hasn’t already been said? simply the best eyewear money can buy. currently using radar path frames and lenses.



Strava is brilliant for testing yourself against your friends and other cyclists. chasing KOM and top ten positions becomes very addictive and great fun too.

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I swear by my Garmin, I love analysing ride data and seeing where I can improve. It’s a brilliant too and when combined with Strava is invaluable for training and education as to where you’ve come from and your next set of training goals.



As you will have already seen from the blog, I quite like using my GoPro to record rides. I found it really helpful prior to the Cathkin Braes race, which I rode a couple of weeks before the event, and recorded a lap which I then watched a good number of times to get me used to the course.